MR. and MRS. Hensley

MR. and MRS. Hensley
Mark and I on Mothers Day 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Texas Storms

Goodness! Last Night was CRAZY!

It was a typical tuesday and we went about our business as usual... Dance Class, Home, Dinner, Bedtime... then an hour after we put the kids down we began to hear the Tornado sirens. It was really odd considering outside it was dark and a little bit windy, but nothing else was going on. So we check out the TV for a look at the radar and yep, something is coming right at us. We got the kids up and we all huddled into the bathroom for almost 30 min while the sirens continued to go off. At one point all you could hear was the continous hail hitting th roof and windows. When the sirens finally stopped and we were able to come out we saw that the "hook" what the consider the most dangerous part of tornado producing storms, had gone right over us. We are so lucky that it didnt produce one while in our area.

I went out side and saw the hail literally covering the ground. It was golfball size, and really did a number on our 3 vehicles. *We are actually getting the roof of the house inspected as I type this.* LOL

Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Willow House Show

I participated in my first Vendor Event @ Stonegate Elementary in Bedford,Tx on May 14th!

This was a small carnival which was perfect for my first one ever. I got the feel for how things will run in the future.

I was also fortunate enough to be beside a vendor for "Just Jewelry", which I had never heard of. I am actually getting one of their watches and rings! ; 0   Chrissy and I will also be doing shows together in the future. Our first of which will be 4thFest in Bedford, TX @ Bedford Boys Ranch. Its the big 4th of July Celebration!

I also have shows scheduled for July 16th and October 22nd so far! I'm really going to start getting into expanding my WillowHouse Buisness. I found that Scentsy has way too many consultants and was just proving to not work for me. I am still a consultant but am only selling to friends/family!

Check out Willow House Desings which is Home Decor @ My Site



I have been dieting and exercising on and off since January. I never really cracked down on it over the past several years of having babies and whatnot. But I made it my New Years Resolution to finally focus on getting back to a healthy weight for me.

January 2011- The thing about my weight at that point is that I weiged 4lbs less than I did before I ever got pregnant in the first place! With my Emery I actually came out of my pregnancy weighing 33lbs less than I did going in. So my ideal weight was getting back to where I was Post-Emery. Having gained 65lbs while pregnat with Easton, it has proven to be quite the feat.

February 2011 - 10lbs lost! Through my own weight of dieting... counting calories using SparkPeople and my membership @ 24 hour fitness.

March 2011 - I took February off and ended up gaining 5lbs back. :'(

April 2011 - 7lbs lost over the month of March and back on track with my diet and exercising total loss of 12lbs

May 2011 - 5.2lbs lost over the month of April and a total loss of 17.2lbs lost!

May 20th - Lost an aditional 1.8lbs up to this point and my new total lost was at 19lbs. This was the day I decided to try the infamous Cabbage soup Diet.

May 23rd - Here I am and it is DAY 4 of the this 7 day diet and I have lost an extra 2lbs in those 4 days. We will see what the final result is on Friday!

As of right now I am at 21lbs lost.... 8lbs to go to be at my POST-Emery weight and 18lbs to go to be at my ideal weight. Either way you look at it I am OVER halfway there!

<3 <3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Stopped in @ the Scentsy Spring Sprint yesterday at SouthFork Ranch and got a free product kit with all the new scent testers and lots more! I'm so excited about the Spring/Summer line they have out! Cant wait to do my first Craft Show in May!

Starting to Blog

Well, here goes my first blog since I was about 20. Man, a lot has changed over the years. I am a wife to my husband Mark Hensley going on 4 years now (3-31)! I am the proud mother of a 2 year old Princess/Diva/Drama Queen! Her name is Emery Lyn Hensley and she was born on 10-06-08! I am also the proud mother of my high maintance little Bugga Boy, Easton Kellan Hensley who was born on 9-09-09!

We live a very blessed life. We live in Euless, TX and are members of Compass Christian Church in Colleyville.

I am a stay at home mommy who takes WAY too many pictures of my children. My Friends and I like to refer to me as the Mamarazzi because there is always a flash going off.

I began selling Scentsy Wickless Candles in September 2010 and I am loving having something to do that is not kid related. It is also nice to have a back up bank account that we dont touch! ; )

Well, I think that about does it for my first blog!

<3 Camilyn